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Our New "Becoming Ageless" Webinar Series!

Here you'll be inspired to take the simple, yet necessary, steps to enjoy the rewards of ageless achievement, and in doing so, discover that achievement is ageless. We want to mentor you in achieving your goals, manifesting your desires and overcoming your challenges. We believe you will find our products and services exciting, interesting and helpful.

Our Goal is to educate, motivate and inspire you to
take action to improve your life!

Webinar Topics and What You Will Learn

Discover the magic of believing! Positive affirmations can change your looks, your health and your life. Learn how simple affirmations can change your beliefs and help you erase old self-defeating thoughts, ideas and actions. This is probably the most important webinar of all. Every great thinker and teacher agrees: "We become what we think about."

Looking for the Fountain of Youth? Here you will learn the many benefits of sleep and find ways to get more and better quality sleep. You will also learn the timeless benefits of breaking the damaging habit of sleeping on your face. Find out how to avoid aging your face when you sleep.

The proper feeding and cleansing of your body - It isn't the number of years you've lived, it's how you've lived those years that makes the difference! Every day, billions of your cells die and billions of new cells replace them. The only material these new cells have to live on is the food and nutrients you put into your mouth. Learn how easily you can change your eating habits to a more body-friendly diet and, just as important, how to keep your body clean through proper detoxification.

The breath of life. We all came into this world with an immediate responsibility - to breathe. As we mature, we often exercise too little, work and worry too much, and forget how to breathe properly. Relearn the art of breathing and discover the incredible benefits that may have slipped away without your even noticing.

Perfect posture creates pretty people. Good posture not only assists your body in better oxygenation, digestion and elimination, it also makes you look younger and feel more self-confident and energetic. Learn easy, effective exercises you can do almost anywhere that will improve your posture.

Do you damage your skin every time you clean and moisturize it? You may be surprised to learn just how much daily damage you do by mishandling your skin. It's just a matter of erasing bad habits - no additional time is required. You will also learn how to effectively stretch your skin care products without skimping on your skin care.

Fawn's "face-firmer formula" will teach you how to exercise your facial muscles without stretching and creasing your skin. This is a collection of the very best facial exercises I have learned over the past 35 years. Our charts will show you what muscles are in the face so you will understand the movements. You will see rapid, amazing improvement in your face with regular facial exercises done properly.

High energy is the answer to many of today's problems. If we just had the energy, we could accomplish more in less time, and actually have some free time. Sufficient energy can literally change the way you look at your world. Learn the most effective ways to energize your body, naturally.

Exercise: The divine addiction. If you've ever experienced the joy and exhilaration of being truly physically fit, you will understand this statement. It really is an addiction. It's a feeling and state of mind that you never want to relinquish, and if you try, your body will urge you to get back to exercising. Every serious rejuvenation program involves a regular exercise regimen. In this webinar you will learn you some of the most effective exercises and much more.

Our webinars are created, produced and conducted by Fawn O'Connor. She is a speaker, an award winning author, and designer/creator of the popular Face-Saver Pillow, as seen on ABC7 Eyewitness News, Los Angeles.

Fawn is a Facial Muscle Specialist and Skin Care Expert. She studied kinesiology at California State University, has an M.N. (Masters of Nutrition) from Bernadean University of Health Sciences, holds a Dietary Consultant certification from the International Institute of Natural Health Sciences and holds a Certified Clinical Nutritionist certification from The Natural Healing Institute. She studied skin care and makeup artistry through John Robert Powers, Elizabeth Arden and Spa Formula Cosmetics. She is the former owner/director of Majestic Studios, School of Exercise & Nutrition, and taught "Total Beauty" classes at the Jack LaLanne Health Spas. She also conducted her "Becoming Ageless" workshops for the Meridian Sports Club in Southern California.

Fawn is a lifetime member of the National Health Federation. She holds a Competent Speaker certification from Toastmasters International and a Qualified Speaker certification from the Orange County Speakers Bureau.

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Feedback from
"Becoming Ageless" Workshops,
Meridan Sports Club

"Excellent Course! Not enough time - we want more!! We need a weekly or at least monthly follow up workshop. It's impossible to say what I liked best - it was all good.

Content - 10+
Presentation 10+
Instructor - 10++

Very thorough and engaging - great presenter!"

Joy Farris

"I really like this class. You are very good! You get all 10s. Thank you for the book. I appreciate all the hand-out material. It really helps when I get home."

NEWS FLASH!! A late report from Jenny - "I've been doing my exercises and ice water treatment every day, drinking the Potassium Broth, etc. After ONLY FIVE DAYS, My husband said, he could not believe the improvement. Now every day he checks with me to make sure I've done my Face-Firmer exercises. I'm so excited and pleased with the results. Also love the way my skin looks after exfoliating. It's so fresh and radiant. It's unbelievable how an inexpensive product can do so much!"

Jennifer Tobias

"I learned something new at each session. Fawn is a remarkable person - very knowledgeable! I liked the exercises and the information on how to focus on the facial muscle movements - tips on caring for the skin, nutrition advice, sleep secrets, and everything else. It was very helpful to go over the exercises at each session. Can't think of anything I didn't like except having the class end. Hope we can get something started on a regular monthly workshop."

Miky Riddle

"This was an excellent class. I especially liked the neck toning exercises and how to help prevent lines in my forehead. Also the tips on how to prevent damage in your face by the way you handle your skin, and the importance of sleep. Another part that I really liked was the diet tips for beautiful skin, when to eat melons and the importance of colon health."

Angela Wang