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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, Joy L. Moeller on proper sleep positions:

"I have been using your pillow in my practice for the past nine years. It has helped so many of my patients with TMD and orthodontic problems. I call it "training wheels" for proper sleep position (in the absence of sleep apnea) and not putting pressure on your face. However, people should always check with their doctor before forcing any sleep position."Joy Moeller - www.myofunctional-therapy.com

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Thanks for promptly sending my new Face-Saver Pillows. I have had two in the past that I have babied along for quite a few years. One by one they have given out, but I love them! Everywhere we travel, they go. My Face-Saver Pillows are like Westways Magazine. They go camping, have been to San Francisco, New York, Florida, Puerto Vallarta, on a cruise, and all places in between. My husband gets a little annoyed (in a joking way) when I say, "Where's my pillow?" He says I'm like Linus and his blanket. I need to have my pillow. I won't sleep on a regular pillow any longer. The last old one is kind of flat, but it's still firm. I didn't realize how flat it was until I received my new ones. I actually retired it to my pet's bed, so she has my scent while I'm at work. I will probably order the satin pillowcases when they're ready. Thanks again! Carol Howden, Torrance, CA

I love my new Face-Saver Pillow and satin pillowcase. The black satin makes me feel sexy and feminine. Who knows how the red would make me feel! Rochelle Graham, Placentia, CA

Received my Face-Saver Pillow and just love it! It's the answer to my dilemma. I like a small pillow, and hate for my face to touch the case, so this one is perfect. I can't tell you how many little pillows I have purchased through the years. This is what I have imagined, but didn't know it existed until I got on the Web and found yours. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have discovered your pillow. I've been gone all weekend judging a Miss America preliminary. I took my pillow with me and absolutely love it! Also love the satin pillowcase. Perfect! It works great and is not too slick. I love it! Thank you for producing these products. I'm ordering three more, as I want to make sure I always have one. Thanks again! Julie Sumrall, Edmond, OK

I received my pillow promptly, and having been using it for approximately two weeks now. I am totally satisfied with it. The pillow does everything you said it would. Thanks again for such a wonderful pillow that enables me to have a great night's sleep, with the benefit of looking younger! Nancy S. Killilea, Boston, MA

I received my pillow Saturday. Thank you very much! Yes, I'm only 22. My jaw therapist recommended your pillow for sleeping since I just went through major facial surgery because of sleep apnea and TMJ issues. I was finally able to get some sleep last night without having too much pressure pain from a pillow on my healing bones. Thank you so much. Sierra Gelfand, Sun City, AZ

Thank you for the prompt shipment of my Face-Saver Pillow. Unlike other pillows, this Face-Saver Pillow doesn't push my face up and wrinkle my skin. It has been easy to adjust to, and I especially like the comfortable and gentle support to my neck and back of my head when I sleep on my back. Also, it's very easy to take along when I travel. Thanks again. Ed Wall, Anza, CA

I love the pillow. Some of the wrinkles I had put into my face by stomach sleeping are gone! In addition, the pillow has trained me to sleep on my side. Love it! Thanks so much. Carolyn Jeffers, Aspen, CO

I've been using the Face-Saver Pillow for over a year now. My wife says my snoring has been reduced. I find that due to its unique shape, I have better head/neck support, and it's easier for me to breathe. The pillow is small enough to fit into my carry-on, and has been to England, Ireland, and France. It's great on the plane, and allows me to get a much better rest than airline pillows, or the blow-up neck pillows. I can't imagine not sleeping with my Face-Saver Pillow. Preventing premature wrinkles is just a bonus. (My wife loves hers also… but that's another story.) Bob Richardson, Huntington Beach, CA

I never thought I would give up my buckwheat pillow, but I must admit I love my new Face-Saver Pillow. I took it with me when I visited my grandchildren in South Carolina. It was wonderful to use on the plane, as well as in bed.Linda Mehr, Brea, CA

I just spent 4 weeks in bed with the Face-Saver Pillow, and wanted to share the experience with you. I tend to shift around at night, leading me to discover your pillow design works extremely well in all manner of configurations! I was able to sleep comfortably in my two favorite positions… side and stomach, and the Face-Saver Pillow worked with me. I could curve it further up or down as was comfortable. The unique design of the pillow supported my head, leaving my face to float suspended and untouched… not compressed, stretched, and mashed, like most pillows. No more ugly sleep marks in the morning. I am truly addicted to this pillow now, and can't imagine trying to sleep the old fashioned way again. I'm getting older fast enough; I can't afford not to help my face whenever possible. Thanks for bringing this product to market. Karen Mack, Phoenix, AZ

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The Face-Saver Pillow™ is made in the U.S.A. exclusively for Ageless Achievement.

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