Looking for the Fountain of Youth?
Try Your Bedroom!


Of all the things we can do to take care of ourselves, sleep still ranks at the very top. Yet most of us are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is one of the most ignored health hazards in today's society. According to leading sleep research surveys, between 40 and 70 million adults either suffer from insomnia or simply do not make the time to get sufficient sleep. Contributing to these astounding statistics are demanding careers, busy schedules, long commutes and family activities. Everyone wants to have more, be more and do more! Somewhere along the way, we've forgotten that sleep is a critical part of "having it all."

Sleep - The Ultimate Secret to Ageless Achievement

Sleep - The Ultimate Secret to Ageless Achievement...

explains why sleep is so essential for radiant health, vitality and good looks. Author Fawn O'Connor gives you simple, practical ways to turn off the lights (and your mind) and use sleep as your secret weapon against aging. Within days you will start to feel and see the difference.

Find out how you can:

  • Learn ways to sleep without aging your face, by avoiding and reversing sleep wrinkles.
  • Improve your skin radiance and muscle tone - get back that youthful sparkle!
  • Get to sleep and stay asleep - night after night. Greet each morning refreshed.
  • Enhance mental clarity, focus and productivity.
  • Enjoy increased energy, sex drive and zest for life!
  • hoose from a wide variety of foods, supplements and herbs that naturally promote better sleep.
  • Use time-management tips to get more sleep and still do what you need and want to do most.

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SLEEP -THE ULTIMATE SECRET TO AGELESS ACHIEVEMENT is a quick-read book. Its 144 pages are packed with information, ideas and suggestions on how to get better sleep. The print is large, which makes it easy for even the sleep deprived to read.

If you're serious about enjoying peaceful, restful and refreshing sleep, you may prefer the book/tape set. This is packaged in an elegant cassette binder. It includes a one-hour tape of meditation music, (harps, flutes, and environmental sounds) combined with subliminal messages to promote restful sleep. A Guidebook on subliminal tapes, how to use them and the text that is recorded on the subliminal tape is in the appendix.

SLEEP - The Ultimate Secret to Ageless Achievement
Won Dan Poynter's 2011

Globel e-book award

in the Health, Fitness and Beauty Category!

"What a brilliant book! As Will Shakespeare said, 'Sleep knits up the ravell'd sleave of care.' Learning to use sleep to restore us, renew us and revive us is valuable beyond gold."
DOTTIE WALTERS, author of Speak & Grow Rich
President, Walters International Speakers Bureau
Publisher, Sharing Ideas magazine