The Face-Saver Pillow™ Benefits

The most important benefit of the Face-Saver Pillow™ is that it protects your face when you sleep on your side. Sleeping directly on your face creates an enormous amount of facial damage, as we have alluded to above. The average head weighs approximately 7-10 pounds. When you sleep on your side, it's like sleeping with a 7-10 pound weight resting on your face.

Not only does this weight press lines and wrinkles into your skin, it also breaks down the facial muscle structure. When these small muscles become weak, they are very susceptible to the pull of gravity. Skin always follows muscle, so you end up with sagging skin and a very old, tired appearance. The Face-Saver Pillow ™ prevents this nightly damage, because your face is suspended in air. It never touches your pillow or sleeping surface. An unexpected benefit is that because of the design and flexibility, you can move the pillow around into different positions (unlike the pre-cut pillows) so that it is most effective and comfortable for your size of head and face.

Although the Face-Saver Pillow™ was originally created strictly as a cosmetic pillow, we are discovering that customers (and read their Testimonials here) are enjoying many other benefits:

  • The Face-Saver Pillow™ makes a great travel pillow, no matter how you travel. Nice neck support for passengers napping on road trips, and it's small enough to fit into a carry-on or suitcase for easy transition from travel mode to hotel room. Do you really want to sleep on airline or hotel pillows?
  • It's the perfect choice for patients recovering from cosmetic procedures, and it protects their financial investment for years to come.
  • It provides excellent cervical support. Many people who have neck issues rave about the relief from neck pain.
  • Supports the neck when reading or watching TV.
  • The Face-Saver Pillow™ creates improved head posture by training you to sleep with your head pulled up from the cervical area, immediately giving you a more youthful appearance and helping to prevent jowls.
  • It improves oxygen intake during sleep, which helps your cells renew and eliminate toxins, with a big bonus of helping reduce morning puffiness in your face
  • It promotes proper leg and hip alignment while sleeping on your side, thanks to the pillow's size and ergonomic design, and is particularly helpful for people who may be pregnant or overweight.
  • Nursing mothers have written that the Face-Saver Pillow™ is the perfect size to use under their arm when nursing their newborn - even better than pillows that were specifically designed for this purpose.


I received my pillow Saturday. Thank you very much! Yes, I'm only 22. My jaw therapist recommended your pillow for sleeping since I just went through major facial surgery because of sleep apnea and TMJ issues. I was finally able to get some sleep last night without having too much pressure pain from a pillow on my healing bones. Thank you so much. Sierra Gelfand, Sun City, AZ

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Made in the USA

The Face-Saver Pillow™ is made in the U.S.A. exclusively for Ageless Achievement.

Satifaction Guarantee

60-day money-back guarantee return policy. read more

About the Design

The cover is made with ultra-soft polyester/cotton. It is filled with 100% white polyester fiber. It is incredibly soft, comfy, non-allergenic and machine washable. read more


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